​Computerised decision support (CDS) is a technology that provides patient-specific medical knowledge at the point of need.

CDS can improve the implementation of evidence-based recommendations, and is regarded as an important quality improvement intervention. Although the implementation of CDS is growing worldwide, the benefits remain modest. Significant investments have not consistently resulted in value for money.

The aim of the Guideline Implementation with Decision Support (GUIDES) project is to improve the use of CDS. To achieve this, we have built a checklist of factors that are likely to influence whether guideline-based CDS is successful. This checklist builds on existing frameworks, scientific evidence and expert input.

The checklist states that the successful implementation of guidelines with CDS requires:

  • an enabling context
  • appropriate CDS content
  • an effective system
  • effective CDS implementation

These four domains depend on 16 factors in total, each of which is described in the checklist.

We believe that the GUIDES checklist is an important tool for helping professionals to implement guideline-based CDS.

The GUIDES checklist is available in different formats, including an electronic version that enables CDS implementation teams to complete the GUIDES checklist efficiently in a group.

This checklist is the product of an international collaboration between the following organisations:

The following individuals contributed to the preparation of the GUIDES checklist:

Project leader: Stijn Van de Velde

Project group: Bert Aertgeerts, Signe Flottorp, Tiina Kortteisto, Ilkka Kunnamo, Pavel Roshanov, Per Olav Vandvik

Team members: Linn Brandt, Hanne Cloetens, Nicolas Delvaux, Annemie Heselmans, Luis Marco-Ruiz, David Spitaels, Mieke Vermandere

Experts: Smisha Agarwal, Leila Ahmadian, David Bates, Linn Brandt, Romina Brignardello, Carl Cauwenberg, Yaolong Chen, Nicholas Conway, Nicolas Delvaux, Pierre Durieux, Robert El-Kareh, Atle Fretheim, Robert Greenes, Robert Brian Haynes, Annemie Heselmans, Tim Holt, Robert Jenders, Kensaku Kawamoto, Tamara Kredo, Edwin Lomotan, Marjolijn Lugtenberg, Luis Marco-Ruiz, Colin McCowan, Lisa McDermott, Stephanie Medlock, Maria Michaels, Blackford Middleton, Marc Mitchell, Lorenzo Moja, Michael Mugisha, Jerome Osheroff, Pablo Alonso Coello, Sallie-Anne Pearson, Sylvia Pelayo, Joshua Richardson, Peeter Ross, Nard Schreurs, Matthew Semler, Dean Sittig, Tigest Tamrat, Madis Tiik, Anna Turusheva, Heleen van der Sijs, Robert Vander Stichele, Mieke Vermandere, Abigail Viall, Mahima Venkateswaran, Adam Wright, Taryn Young

Public and patient participants: Tom Codron, Kari Håvelsrud, Sarah Rosenbaum, Satu Salonen